UAE Air Quality Network Satellite Imagery Regional model Dust track AQL (modelled)

UAE Air Quality Forecast

3-day Forecast over the UAE

Concentrations of Air Pollutants affecting Air Quality are simulated on daily basis with a forecasting window of 3 days forward. Concentrations of Particulate Matter of diameter less than 2.5 and 10 micrometer are simulated together with gaseous pollutants such as Carbon Monoxide, Ozone, Nitrogen Dioxide and Sulphur Dioxide. These are the 6 most important pollutants necessary for establishing the Air Quality Indexes as indicator of potential risk for human health.
Maps represent SIMULATED (not measured) concentrations of air pollutants. The Weather Research Forecasting Model coupled with Chemistry (WRFChem) has been used to simulate pollutant concentrations. The global emission inventory EDGAR-HTAP and erodibility map from Ginoux et al. (2001) have been used as input data to simulate pollutant concentrations.
Global Forecasting System (GFS) data has been used on daily basis to simulate the dispersion of pollutant over the UAE together with the chemical reactions occurring between chemical emissions in the presence of light (photochemistry), temperature and humidity.